Soul Exploration 1 review with Bilal & Sa-Ra

Soul Exploration Part I of IV

If you weren’t at the Crash Mansion, on February 16th, then you missed an impressive musical set up: Orgone, Bilal, Sa-ra Creative Partners and surprise guests Robert Glaspher and Hezekiah. KCRW and ArtDontSleep presented Soul Exploration part I of IV, a ridiculous lineup that had me waiting in anticipation for weeks! As folks swaggered into Crash Mansion, DJ Coleman warmed the anxious crowd, but when the main stage doors opened, the people began to buzz. The first half of the night was all about LA’s own Orgone, a funky soul band that moved the crowd with as much sweaty intensity as they played. Once their set ended, the party continued with DJ Al Jackson up on the turntables and people working it out on the dance floor. From the look of it, it seemed like we were at a club and not a concert because everyone was grooving. However, as soon as the DJ announced Bilal’s arrival, everyone rushed the main stage again. The rest of the night belonged to Bilal. Without as much as a word, the crowd hollered excitedly until he opened his mouth and sang. It was obvious everyone’s jam was “Sometimes” because nearly every head crooned with him. With his call and response style, Bilal had the audience entwined in his spectacular performance. For a second, it felt like we were in church! He even did a song with Philadelphian lyricist Hezekiah and a chaotically puzzled joint with Sa-Ra Creative Partners, while Robert Glaspher played his keys. All in all, Soul Exploration, part I was amazing! It was a concert that I didn’t know we needed, but realized it was definitely something LA was missing. It left Downtown LA’s air vibrating!

Porschia Baker

Photos by Amanda Ramirez



~ by nusoulmagazine on March 16, 2008.

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