Drum & Bass Arena Kam Mix Challenge



  • £1000
  • 2 x KAM DDX5000 Turntables
  • 2 x Kam KCDJ200FX desktop CD player
  • KAM KCM 350 Mixer
  • DJ at major DRUM&BASSARENA Event – Main Room
  • Winning Set as DRUM&BASSARENA Podcast
  • Winning Set on DRUM&BASSARENA Download
  • Artist Interview as feature video on DRUM&BASSARENA

Drum&Bass Arena has been at the forefront of the drum and bass scene since it was started up over 11 years ago. Ever the pioneers, they’ve pushed drum and bass further than anyone else, constantly innovating and evolving with one true aim: to spread their love of the music.

KAM have been innovating DJ kit for over half a century and have been one of the main pioneers of the DJ revolution. With a proven track record and a wealth of experience, KAM designs quality, affordable equipment that enables DJ’s to fulfill their creative potential. From mics, mixers and decks to speakers, amps and lighting, KAM have a comprehensive portfolio of products that caters for all areas of the DJ world. The KAM philosophy has always been to make the DJ world accessible to anyone who is interested and passionate about their music.

February sees D&BA join forces with KAM for the “KAM Mix Challenge”, which will provide entrants with a chance to win an amazing selection of prizes. Using a simple and innovative entry system, participants will create a 30 minute audio or 10 minute video mix and upload it online where it will be available for visitors to listen to or watch as they see fit. Video mixes are uploaded on YouTube (tagged with “KAMMixChallenge”) and easily embedded into the D&BA competition webpage.

The last date for entries is on the 28th of February, after which visitors to the site will be able to vote for their favourite mix. On the 31st of March the voting closes and the 4 DJs that receive the most votes enter into the final, where they will compete head-to-head at April’s live final. This will be broadcasted live on D&BTV from the Drum&Bass Arena HQ in London, and people from across the world will be voting on the night for the winner.

Anyone can apply from around the world, provided they can make it to the final (with the highest ranked international entrant receiving travel expenses compensation).
The KAM Mix Challenge competition is an amazing opportunity for budding Drum&Bass DJs to show the world what they’re made of, with a chance to DJ in the main room at one of D&BA’s world-renowned events and win some top of the range KAM DJing equipment.Click here to enter this contest


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