New Interview: Carol Riddick


Carol Riddick is the voice that fills the heart with desire and sets the soul on fire. Grown and sexy music is officially back! With the melodies on her album, Moments Like This, Ms. Riddick will truly take you back to moments in your life that you will never forget. Born and raised in South Philadelphia, the singer/songwriter has graced the stages and blessed the microphone with her elegant presence and poured endless passion into her songs.

Music has been in her life since she was a teenager. But like any seed, it must grow into a flower for the entire world to see. The world first took notice of her vocal talent when she toured with Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff. Her voice has blessed the tracks of many notable artists including Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott, Norman Brown, Kindred, and most recently Musiq Soulchild. Carol Riddick’s Moments Like This brings new meaning to the phrase ‘grown and sexy’. So ladies and gentlemen raise your wine glasses. Here’s to the comeback of candle-lit baths and wine-down Wednesdays. Here’s to Ms. Carol Riddick!

Read the interview by Adrina Nelson


~ by nusoulmagazine on October 24, 2007.

One Response to “New Interview: Carol Riddick”

  1. Great interview! I love the vocal stylings of Carol Riddick! She has been such a blessing to the music industry and I know that is just a matter of time before the entire world realizes how phenomenal this woman’s gift! She has a beautiful spirit and a joy to be around! Please take a listen to her album “Moments Like This” and you will be convinced just as many other fans across the world! Can’t wait for the second album!

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